Moonglow - 2mm diameter LRF / match fishing attractors

Moonglow - 2mm diameter LRF / match fishing attractors

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New from the experts in luminous technology  - Moonglow.

You asked and we have delivered (finally)

Our new ultra slim 2mm diameter soft attractors are here. Expect the exact same composition  in terms of materials and performance as our other attractors but with a low 2mm diameter.

Perfect for passing around the body of the hook as per the image before tipping off with a tiny slither of bait when match fishing for smaller fish of lrf style.

There can also be used on the snood like our other products, a tiny piece can be cut off and added to the bend of the hook (very effective) and will be sought after by people that are making flies.

• 2mm diameter

• 12 inch length provided

• luminous green

Please see 'sellers other items' to view the growing range of attractors avaliable from moonglow.

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